Tuesday, February 7, 2012


That would be my Cicero. He's the most consistent of my laptops. He thinks he owns my lap. The other night I was working on a new technique, entrelac, which requires lots of color changes. I parked the yarn bag on the chair next to me.

Cicero, who already had possession of my lap, likewise took possession of my yarn. All projects around here are his projects. Obviously.

Phidian Returns the Favor

Cicero is usually the one I see washing his Lil Bro. But sometimes Phidian returns the favor. This time, I got lucky. I have tried and tried to capture the moment when a Serious Ear Wash is going on. Both boys do earwashes, and they get so intent when they do. Looks almost like a "french kiss" if you know what I mean.

Finally, caught in the act -- twice. Lil Bro doing a really, really good job on Cicero's ears.

And again: