Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little Big Bro: an introduction

Cicero is Little Big Bro, a year older than Phidian, who by extension is Big Little Bro.

It began innocently enough. The house needed an orange tabby similar to the one I grew up with. Cicero came from our local ASAP shelter to live with me while dear Miss Flora was still alive. He loved her and followed her around, but she did not return his devotion. Surprisingly, he was bereft after she died. He meowed around the house, acted out, and showed me in every way he could he wanted a cat friend.

Enter Phidian. He, too, was a shelter boy, turned in anonymously to get a second chance. I interviewed several young cats to see if any might work with Cicero, and Phidian, a bluepoint Siamese mix, seemed promising.

After a week of separation, I introduced the boys and it was, if not love at first sight, at least like! They have become best buddies, tearing through the house one minute and cuddled up washing one another the next. Phidian grew up to be a full size cat, but Cicero has a much smaller frame and weighs less. Still, Big Bro takes excellent care of Little Bro.

The Boys are always doing something funny/cute. I take so many photos of them I decided it was their turn for a blog. Welcome. Brace yourself.

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